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03/02/2019, 01:01


 If you and your sweet half have decided not to follow the traditional rules and have opted for eloping, don’t miss the following short guide with DO.

If you and your sweet half have decided not to follow the traditional rules and have opted for eloping, don’t miss the following short guide with DO.

It doesn’t matter which is the reason behind your decision of eloping, what matters is that you consider it the same as a traditional wedding if you want to have an unforgettable result.It is important you make it special, the one you have always dreamed, leaving nothing to chance in the organizational process. Even if to say your vows are just the two of you, everything has to be perfect and studied in detail. A list of all the services you need would be useful, in order to allocate the budget. Last but not least, don’t forget choosing a theme wedding that will act as "the fil rouge" in the planning of the whole ceremony and in the selection of the most suitable suppliers for making your elopement a very special day.

After you got engaged, both your family and your best friends will expect to get a save the date soon. So, even if you decide to elope, just the two of you, remember to announce it and to do it, in the way in line with your personalitiesThe first to hear the news should be your parents, family and closest friends.If you think the announcement will be met with disappointment or disapproval, in particular by your parents, it is recommendable to communicate the news by person or, if you are abroad with no possibility to come back home soon, via phone or better via skype.
It is not recommended to use mail and the social media because of their impersonal approach that don’t focus on the single person.

"If eloping allows couples to better enjoy the moment because they don’t have to stress focusing on their guests, often this new wedding trend, is not so appreciated by parents and relatives, who feel cut off from such an important event.Imagine a mother who has been waiting for a lifetime her daughter’s wedding for weeping tears of joy during the exchanging vows moment, or a father has always imagined him accompanying her daughter to the altar.....In order to alleviate hurts feelings, don’t feel guilty and have a joyful atmosphere, it is advisable in some way, to involve your family and friends. How? For example, by organizing "a post elopement" party after you come back home from your honeymoon.This will be a perfect occasion to relive with your family and friends the emotions of your wedding day by showing them pictures and video and make them partakers of your joy.It doesn’t matter if it will be a big party or an intimate one, a luxury dinner or a garden launch, your guests will appreciate you thought about them. The "post elopement party "should be organized reflecting your style and personality, recalling details of your wedding day.

Hiring a professional photographer is always a good investment but this is particularly important for those couples who decide to elope, because it allows you to share with your family and your friends all the magic moments of your special wedding day. A professional photographer guarantees you great pictures and avoid the risk of blurred photos and the risk of not capturing the most exciting crucial moments of your ceremony. Every single shot represents a unique unrepeatable instant of your wedding and with the awareness of a professional photographer attending your special day, you can rest and fully enjoy the moment.In the choice of the photographer, it is important to choose thephotographer more in line with your style, who is able to capture the beauty of a scene as you imagine.

Your big day has arrived. Relax and enjoy every moment of your special day, feeling the sentiment of the ceremony. You are only the two of you and you don’t have to worry to the well-being of other people but only to yours.It is your special moment, live it intensely and picture it in your heart.If your budget allows it, it is advisable to hire also a video maker, who immortalizes every second of your ceremony and your flickering voices saying "yes I want", making them unforgettable not only for your hearts but also for your eyes and those of your closest friends and family.

We recommend to announce it with an invitation with a picture of you both in the day of your elopement.
It should be important to look each other in the eyes while announcing the elopement, in order to make the moment more personal and to seize the emotion

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